Non-Shedding Dogs

Non Shedding Dogs
Non Shedding Dogs

There is a common belief that non-shedding dogs are hypoallergenic and they don’t cause any allergies to people. One thing that is sure about dog allergies is that people only are allergic to a specified category of hypoallergenic dogs and non-allergic to others. People also prefer to keep dogs at their homes which are less hairy or simply have no hair because they don’t want to have a mess on their clothes, and furniture.

Our picks for best non-shedding dogs

Below mentioned are the best non-shedding dogs of all time:

1. Maltese 

low shedding dogs

Maltese has its historical traces from back 370 BC. This dog had mentioned in the writings of the famous philosopher Aristotle. Maltese have considered as a vermin breed and also known as roman ladies dogs. This breed of dogs was wiped out back in the 18th century when breeders attempted to make such smaller dogs. Maltese has its crossbreeds with poodles and some other terriers. Maltese are children friendly but can have snappish reacts with younger children who may not handle them properly. 

2. Yorkie non-shedding dog

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Yorkie has also called as Yorkshire terrier that is a Scotland based breed. This dog has crossbred with different breeds like Clydesdale, Skye Terriers, and Scottish. This is a small breed of dogs to quest rats. Yorkie initially belonged to Scotland but later on, they were famous in royal ladies and still famous as the royal lapdogs. These small dogs have small dog syndrome that they have inherited from their ancestors. This syndrome lets them think more, even more than the bigger dog breeds. Yorkie has a famous history of being feisty. They are one of the most affectionate and playful breeds of breed dogs. 

3. Shih Tzu

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Shih Tzu is a Chinese language word that means line dog. This dog is similar to a lion cub and is one of the ancient dog breeds. According to the historical traces, Shih Tzu was basically from the Byzantine Empire which Empire gave to the Chinese court. Shih Tzu was always a favorite of royal lineage. 

4. Affenpinscher

low shedding dogs

This is a German breed dog that is somehow familiar to monkeys. These are the best non-shedding dogs for people who love to have small dog breeds that dont shed or bark.  Affa in the name is a german word which means Monkey. This breed has the historical origin of hunting rats in stables and kitchens. This is one of the funniest dogs which entertains its owners by its playful antics. This breed of dog is the most difficult to train because of its stubbornness it is famous for. 

5. Basenji

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Basenji is an African hunting dog breed that has abilities to quickly trap the prey. It is one of the famous dog breeds in the U.S. Basenjis also are non-barking dogs as they have different vocals from the other dogs. Basenjis are less hairy. 

Which large breed dogs shed the least?

Below mentioned are the least shedding large breed dogs:

1. Portuguese dog

dogs that dont shed bad

Portuguese dog or also referred to as the Portuguese water dogs are famous in royals. President Obama had this dog as his family pet when he shifted in the white house. This hypoallergenic dog is the best for people having dog allergies. This dog has a curly coat and is web-footed. 

2. Plott Hound

healthiest dog breeds that dont shed

This is a North Carolina breed dog which is a calm and friendly breed to keep at home. Plott hound has known as great hunters. They have glossy, smooth coats that need less grooming. 

3. Peruvian Orchid 

small dog breeds that dont shed or bark

Peruvian Orchid also called a Peruvian Hairless breed has three sizes, i.e. large, medium and small. These dogs have less or almost no hair so they don’t shed and are hypoallergenic. They need a bit of grooming and screen protection. 

4. The poodle

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Poodles are odorless dog breeds with soft and curly hair coats. This dog breed has three sizes. They are hairless or least hairy and don’t shed much. Poodles have their hybrids like Goldendoodle, cockapoo, and Labradoodle. 

5. Afghan Hound

small dog breeds that dont shed or bark

Afghan hounds have long hairy coats but they don’t shed. They need grooming regularly. You can bath and brush this breed once in a week. 

What breeds of dogs are hypoallergenic?     

Hypoallergenic dog breeds are non-shedding dogs with least or no hair on their bodies. Normally hair shedding dogs are allergenic to humans so these dogs are best as pets for people suffering from dog allergies. 

Following mentioned is the best hypoallergenic low shedding dog breeds:

1. Afghan hound

Afghan hounds have flowing soft coats with striking and gorgeous looks. This is a noble dog breed that is famous for having some unique and cool features. They have ancient traces from Afghanistan. These are the best breed dogs to the pet for people having dog allergies. This dog breed requires regular grooming and exercise. You may also need assistance from some expert groomers. 

2. Bichon Frise

Bichon fries have compact size but are larger in personality. These hypoallergenic dog breeds are a pint-size pooch that is famous for having French nobility. This breed has ancient traces from the 14th century. This dog breed doesn’t shed at all and is best known as sinus impaired species. They have an affectionate nature and can easily get friendly with kids. They are not stubborn so are easily trained. 

3. Chinese crested

This is one of the best non-shedding dogs breed. Chinese crested dogs are perfect for allergenic people. This breed has two categories, the hairless and the powder puff. These dogs have a unique appearance and are playful. They are friendly with children. 

4. American terrier

This is a rare breed famous as a rat terrier. These dogs have historical traces from the 18th century and are the best for allergenic people. This breed is lively, alert and playful. American terriers shed no hair and known as indoor dogs. They have athletic nature and can also be kept as watchdogs. They ned regular grooming. 

5. Bedlington Terrier

This breed has a wooly and curly coat which is similar to lambs. These dogs have historical traces from England for the 18th century. They are famous for hunting vermin. These dogs need the least grooming and are the best to have for busy people. 

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